30 de julho de 2014

b&w stripes

tee + pants zara shoes zara clutch zara watch casio earrings parfois ring Joana Ribeiro Joalharia

photos by I.M.

21 de julho de 2014

apple&cranberry muffins

dry ingredients: .1tea cup of flour .1tea spoon of yeast .1/4 tea cup of brown sugar .1 tea spoon of cinnamon .1/2 tea spoon of salt
liquid ingredients: .1egg .3/4 tea cup of milk .1/4 tea cup of oil .1 tea spoon of food coloring (optional..you can use red to make pink muffins, or blue it's always funny)
other ingredients: .1apple (cut into squares) .1 tea cup of cranberries

Mix all the dry ingredients in one bowl, then, in another bowl, mix all the liquid ingredients.
In the liquid ingredients bowl, add the cranberries and the apple... add the dry ingredients mix in little bits till everything goes together (it's a bit heavy this dough).

Put the mix into greased molds and bake for 20/25min at 150/180 ºC. in medium molds, you i'll get 9 muffins.

one muffin - 213 kcal (approximately)

This muffin have a scone like texture and flavor.. enjoy!