10 de novembro de 2014


there is no easy way to say this... bellisgirl blog is closing.
it is a hard decision to take but it's for the best.

Bellisgirl blog will be closed on January 2015

As you know i'm a fashion designer, i started this blog to show some of works, my inspirations, a little bit of my world behind my work.
I'm very happy with the result, i had great moments, i met great bloggers and friends, i was present in some amazing events thankfully to this blog of mine...

but now it's time to make another step, a bigger step to Bellisgirl become a fashion brand&design... BELLISGIRL will have its own WEBSITE!

I'm leaving my blogger&fashion designer days, to fashion designer days from now on!
i'm excited but afraid and sad at the same time...

WISH ME LUCK and untill the site is launched, you can follow the official instagram of Bellisgirl for all the news!!

instagram: @bellisgirl